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I’ve started a new blog in connection with my law-firm Bross Law, LLC!    The mission for this blog is to open up a discussion about privacy and how it impacts businesses and individuals. My aim is to help businesses and individuals better understand the laws, regulations, and commercial/social practices that govern privacy and impact your every-day life. I hope the blog will enable individuals and businesses to make better informed decisions about how to handle their own privacy and the private information of others.

I want to start a conversation with business owners and individual consumers about privacy. For businesses, business owners collect a large amount of private personal information about their customers and there are many laws and regulations that govern handing this information. Compliance seems like a significant burden, and many business owners ignore these laws and regulations and hope for the best. This is very risky as the costs of a data breach can destroy a business. I would like this blog to open up a discussion with businesses to get their perspective about privacy and discuss some cost-effective ways to reduce risks.

For consumers, we live in a golden age of technology devices and services that make our lives more convenient and easier to manage. We can connect with people that we have not seen for years, and often have never even met the person face-to-face. This convenience comes at a cost, and the cost is usually the loss of privacy, the risk of identity theft, and the inadvertent sharing of information that we wanted to keep private. Everyone differs about how much information they are willing to share, with some sharing the most intimate details of their lives and other sharing nothing. I would like this blog to open up a discussion with as many different people as possible to share different perspectives about what should be private and the steps taken to preserve your privacy. I also want to discuss some of the steps you should take can take to maintain some semblance of privacy and reduce the risk of losing your identity and inadvertently sharing too much information.

I want this blog to be a place for meaningful conversation between both business owners and consumers. I have many different views about privacy and what should or should not be private. I fully expect that some of you will disagree with my positions and I am fine with that.  I will always strive to avoid boring you or being unwilling to take a stand.  I am not afraid of controversy – in fact, I want you to tell me when you disagree with me and why.  I will strive to avoid legal jargon and flowery language that attempts to camouflage my views or to avoid controversy. If you want “legalese” or a long string of caveats, you are going to have to pay exorbitant legal fees to get that elsewhere.

I implore you for your input. I do not purport to know everything about privacy or the law. That is impossible. I am a Ph.D. in Philosophy, a practicing lawyer and a Certified Information Privacy Professional/U.S. with the International Association of Privacy Professionals. But, privacy issues confronting businesses and individuals are varied, and I rely on you, my readers to round out this site with your own stories and perspectives.

I ask that you write me early and often. I will review your comments before I post them, but that does not mean that you should not criticize or disagree with me. My review will be to filter out comments that are without substance and/or are personally abusive. I want to encourage a high level of discussion, but will not ban or delete your comments just because you disagree with my views.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.  I hope you will follow my blog and write back.

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